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Since July 2011 we are trying our best to create a credible, reliable and easy to use website with all the businesses that currently deal with Bitcoin. We are the most established bitcoin directory. From the very beggining we were aimed to set up the most ambitious attempt at building the world’s largest, most trusted and used Bitcoin directory. Bitcoin.Travel also serves you as the most popular review engine and rating system for people and businesses involved in Bitcoin. We are already recognizable among bitcoiners worldwide. Bitcoin.Travel team frequently provides the whole bitcoin community with information about new businesses accepting bitcoin via our Facebook, Twitter and r/bitcoin. Bitcoin.Travel directory is also mentioned on WeUseCoins website in the getting started section, so it is visited almost by every bitcoin newbie. Our logged-in users, that have listed their businesses, are provided with a personalised dashboard where they may add and edit their listings anytime. Our service requires a re-listing process after a 3-month period, so that the information provided is always up-to-date. We have developed an advanced search engine for our visitors that allows them to refine search results within each category by information provided by our logged-in users during the process of business listing submission. These features makes our directory a unique place where bitcoin users may find websites and physical places to spend, store or exchange their bitcoins. We believe that these features will make our directory an useful place for the whole bitcoin community.


Bitcoin.Travel have been mentioned in various media:

Our website is frequently mentioned in various media as a credible, reliable and easy to use website with all the businesses that currently deal with Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin.travel has one of the most comprehensive list of businesses that use bitcoin.” – Forbes.com

“The website Bitcoin.Travel features a map of places where Bitcoins can be spent a brick-and-mortar establishments” – Time.com

“Scroll through the Bitcoin.Travel website or Facebook page and you’ll find an eclectic listing of real-world cafes, transportation companies, hostels and tour companies around the world” – CNBC.com

“Bitcoin.Travel is a respected site, offering a mappable list of accommodation, apartments, attractions, bars, and beauty salons around the world.” – Coindesk.com

A pub group founder (Individual Pubs Limited), Stephen Early talks about how he began accepting bitcoin at his pubs in UK and how Bitcoin.Travel Directory helped him to make his business even more successful:

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