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Since July 2011 we are trying our best to create a credible, reliable and easy to use website with all the businesses that currently deal with Bitcoin, especially in the travel industry. We are the most established bitcoin travel site. From the very beggining we were aimed to set up the most ambitious attempt at building the world’s largest, most trusted and used bitcoin travel site. Bitcoin.Travel also serves you as the most popular review engine and rating system for people and businesses involved in Bitcoin. We are already recognizable among bitcoiners worldwide. Bitcoin.Travel team frequently provides the whole bitcoin community with information about new businesses accepting bitcoin via our Facebook, Twitter and r/bitcoin. Bitcoin.Travel directory was also mentioned on WeUseCoins website in the getting started section, so it is visited almost by every bitcoin newbie. We believe that these features will make our site a useful place for the whole bitcoin community.

Tomasz Szast
Bitcoin.Travel CEO

Bitcoin is an open payment network that anyone in the world with an Internet connection can use.

The open, global nature of bitcoin has tremendous advantages over existing financial infrastructure for international travellers.

“I can have one dollar or one million dollars in my pocket and travel to any other country in the world with very little risk of it being extorted from me. Try that with a suitcase of $100 bills and you will probably be the proud owner of an empty suitcase pretty swiftly.”

When travelling to foreign countries, it can be a major hassle to convert to local currencies and carry around local cash. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eliminate one of the major hassles of international trips? As a global currency used by consumers and merchants worldwide, bitcoin eliminates the need for dealing with multiple currency conversions and carrying a lot of cash.

Bitcoin solves many problems that international travellers currently deal with. It eliminates the hassle and fees associated with converting to local currencies and carrying cash, and it securely protects the payment credentials of consumers to avoid fraud risk and the potential to lose bank account access in a foreign country.

From ATMs that can’t accept a card from a foreign payment network (or won’t without each bank involved taking a cut), to cross-border processing charges added to credit card fees, to the frightening risk of a fraud incident freezing access to your accounts while abroad, travelers have much to gain by leveraging the freedom from fees and fraud offered by bitcoin.

A decentralized digital currency future promises to eventually offer a much faster, cheaper, more transparent, more frictionless money system for everyone.

Bitcoin.Travel have been mentioned in various media:

Our website is frequently mentioned in various media as a credible, reliable and easy to use website with all the businesses that currently deal with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin.travel has one of the most comprehensive list of businesses that use bitcoin. – Forbes.com

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The website Bitcoin.Travel features a map of places where Bitcoins can be spent a brick-and-mortar establishments. – Time.com

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Scroll through the Bitcoin.Travel website or Facebook page and youll find an eclectic listing of real-world cafes, transportation companies, hostels and tour companies around the world. – CNBC.com

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Bitcoin.Travel is a respected site, offering a mappable list of accommodation, apartments, attractions, bars, and beauty salons around the world. – Coindesk.com

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