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Most marketers will find that the Bitcoin demographics are traditionally extremely hard to reach. Some highlights form a survey with over 500 responses:

  • The average user is a 32.7 year old libertarian male.
  • Top motivators for new users are curiosity, profit, and politics.
  • is the dominant community platform.
  • Far more people have used Bitcoin to make donations than to buy narcotics.
  • 39% of users do not drink, smoke, gamble, or take drugs.

The “average Bitcoin user” is male (96%), 32.7 years old, libertarian / anarcho-capitalist (37%), non-religious (61%), with a full time job (43%), and is in a relationship (56%).

But of course there is no such thing as an average Bitcoin user, and flattening out the figures like that ignores the large numbers of users who are Christian (20%) or single (37%).  Also by using the broadest possible terms (ie including liberals and environmentalists), you get a left-of-centre contingent with over 45% of users.

The arrival of new users correlates with price and media coverage, with Q2 2011 the most popular quarter for the question “When did you first install the Bitcoin client”.

The biggest motivation in exploring Bitcoin is curiosity (4.3/5), followed by profit (3.7/5) and politics (3.5/5). Trailing behind are practical concerns (3.1/5), challenge (2.9/5), and community (2.7/5).

The age distribution around the mean average of 32.7 is fairly balanced, with people in their late twenties slightly overrepresented. The mode is 31 years and standard deviation is 10.5 years.

The following word cloud represents their ‘favourite aspect of Bitcoin.’

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