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The Baltic Homeland, based in the heart of Burnley, is a new family owned restaurant serving an extensive menu of the most popular, traditional Lithuanian […]

Foxx Bar 3

“Sit down, take a deep breath and relax. Don ́t think about all the important calls you have to make, the last-minute errands you have […]

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Come in for a great lunch or dinner, then drink & dance during the night. Grill bar is open during the night. 10% discount for […]


25 years in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and still going strong. The Intershop is an institution. Among James Cagney’s watchful eyes of an […]

Ruckholz Berlin 3

Amazing cocktails for bitcoins in Potsdam, Germany.

Devil's Kitchen 2

You do not have to travel that far – the devil’s kitchen is right around the corner, and hell we are company! Swing by for: […]

Fabelhaft Bar

Stay local, Drink global.. Opened in October 2011 by Dutch expat Bram van Doren – yes, he probably got called Bram von Stoker a lot […]


1950s Japan. The nation remainds mired in the after-effects of World War II. In the city of osaka lives Mariko. a prostitute — very different. […]

Kayma Bar

Vegan Restaurant and Bar, art gallery lectures and workshops

SW Colony

Upscale bar specializing in Gourmet Burgers/Chicken Sandwiches & Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Amazing Drink Specials every night of the week and our kitchen stays open until […]

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Czerwony Październik

Przemysław Majdan

"Their pizzas are different from the one you usually have, either Italian or Amer ..." Read more reviews


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Black Dog Pub

"great pub in kaohsiung now accepting bitcoin! we have regular bitcoin meetups th ..." Read more reviews